Vietnam and Cuba strengthen investment cooperation in Construction field

Sunday, 04/14/2024 13:48
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Within the framework of the 41st Meeting of the Vietnam-Cuba Intergovernmental Committee in Havana, the Republic of Cuba from April 11-15, 2024, Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi and the working delegation held talks with Cuban Minister of Construction Rene Mesa Villafana and Cuban construction units and businesses.

Minister of Construction of Vietnam Nguyen Thanh Nghi and the working delegation at the talk.

The talks between the two Ministers of Construction of Vietnam and Cuba aimed to discuss the results of cooperation in construction and planning in the coming time.

At the talks, Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi and Vietnamese businesses in Cuba also raised some difficulties and obstacles, specifically the SanVig Joint Venture (Joint Venture between Cuban businesses and Viglacera). Tile and sanitary ware factories are operating below capacity due to lack of electricity and raw materials for production... Thereby, Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi hopes that the two Ministries will continue to pay attention and support these businesses to strengthen the practical and effective cooperation in the field of construction.

Vietnamese businesses investing in Cuba exchanged investment results and proposed solutions to promote effective investment cooperation for mutual benefit.

Cuban Minister of Construction Rene Mesa Villafana at the talk.

At the talks, Cuban Minister of Construction Rene Mesa Villafana highly appreciated the results and efforts of Vietnamese businesses investing in Cuba. The Cuban Minister of Construction said that in the coming time, Cuba will remove fuel difficulties and have agreements with many countries on fuel supply to restart production activities. In April, oil will be supplied to factories to solve difficulties. In addition, Cuba has proposed a solution to open accounts in countries where Cuba exports products to earn foreign currency; promote cooperation to bring Viglacera products made in Cuba and made in Vietnam to Caribbean countries.

Minister Rene Mesa Villafana also affirmed, the cooperation agreement signed between Dinvai Corporation and HUD has brought Cuba construction consulting contracts in Vietnam in the context of many difficulties. In fact, the Cuban Construction industry has participated in cooperation in Vietnam for more than 30 years. Currently, Cuban businesses also participate in 2 road projects in Vietnam, however by the end of 2024 the projects will end.

Minister Rene Mesa Villafana also said: Currently, Dinvai Corporation has a representative office in Vietnam. This is a typical enterprise of the Cuban Ministry of Construction, with a team of professional engineers. In addition to Dinvai, many other construction-related businesses are ready to participate and expand the field of cooperation between Cuba and Vietnam.

In particular, social housing is one of Cuba's priority areas. Cuba already has social housing projects, so it can cooperate and share experiences with Dong Nai on the issue.

Regarding cooperation with functional units of the Ministry of Construction, both sides can organize discussions to come up with ideas and propose issues for potential cooperation. Cuban Minister of Construction Rene Mesa Villafana affirmed his commitment to always accompany and be ready to cooperate and help Vietnamese businesses in their investment and cooperation efforts in Cuba.

The delegates took a photo at the talk.

Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi agreed with Cuba's new cooperation proposals. The Ministry of Construction of Vietnam is eager to promote Vietnamese businesses to participate in investment cooperation in Cuba as well as Cuban businesses to invest in Vietnam. If Vietnamese businesses and projects investing in Cuba can overcome difficulties and operate effectively, they will contribute to promoting the cooperative relationship between the two countries, increasing confidence and motivation for businesses to expand production and investment in Cuba, attracting many Vietnamese investors to Cuba.

Vietnam's Ministry of Construction has assigned functional units to synthesize, review, and handle Dinvai Corporation's recommendations on traffic projects in Vietnam; assign the Department of Construction Management to review and consider creating favorable conditions for Dinvai businesses to operate in Vietnam.

Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi agreed with Cuba's new cooperation proposals, specifically the renovation, repair and construction of cement factory projects; fields related to the strengths of Lilama Machinery Installation Corporation; tourism and real estate development projects... The results of cooperation between the two ministries will contribute to strengthening traditional cooperative relations, especially between Cuba and Vietnam, and further affirming the special solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and Cuba led by President Ho Chi Minh and President Fidel Castro as well as generations of leaders and people of the two countries.

Written by: Nguyen Trung Thanh - Director of International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Construction Translated by: Mai Anh

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